The Basics Of Twitter Revisited

With Twitter being over 6 years old it is widely expected that you understand the basics of the social media ‘phenomenon’…but that isn’t always the case! Even if you have taken your business onto Twitter that does not necessarily mean you are wholly familiar with the specific language and techniques adopted on it.

There is nothing wrong with not fully understanding Twitter. That is why we have created this quick run-through of some of the basics of Twitter:


‘Following’ refers to the people that you have selected to follow with your account. It is the equivalent to ‘liking’ a page on Facebook, and you will see all of the broadcast tweets from the accounts you follow.


These are the people that have selected to follow you and see your tweets.


Twitter refers to this as ‘mentions’, but you may see it appear in third party applications as ‘interactions’ or ‘connects’. This is the symbol you put before a tweet to direct that message to a specific account, and is what others used to do the same to your account.


Very specific to Twitter (at least originally), a hashtag is a hyperlink put into a tweet so that everyone can see that particular tweet, whether they follow the account that tweeted it or not.

Twitter message length

You are only allowed 140 characters per tweet on Twitter…so use them wisely!

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