The Anatomy Of A Tweet

As we have said many times before in this blog section, it is one thing getting yourself (and/or your company) on to social media but it is a completely different skill to actually make it work. Not knowing entirely what to tweet about, who to tweet it to or even how to tweet is nothing to be embarrassed about, but if you don’t ask you are shooting in the wind.

You wouldn’t hand out leaflets on a street you don’t know, without a target demographic in mind and without knowing what the message on the leaflet says – so why would you do the same on Twitter? It’s such a broad and expanding social space that your voice will easily get lost if you don’t know what you’re doing and, even worse, your customers will become disenchanted with you. Here are 3 aspects to include in your 140 character tweet to make sure you are getting the most out of the platform from a brand awareness point of view:

1.       Add value

If you are tweeting a link to a relevant industry article do not simply post the title of it, give your perspective on it and add value to the reader.

2.       Reference who you heard the article from

If you picked up the article from someone else tweeting about it, reference them with a ‘via’ in your tweet. It helps build relationships online with potential influencers.

3.       Include a hashtag

When starting out on Twitter you are unlikely to able to build a following of thousands in a short space of time. Using industry relevant hashtags (no more than 3 per tweet) opens up your message to a much wider community who may be following that hashtag themselves.

Get the basics right and give Twitter the best chance of working for your business.

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