The 6 Stage Approach To Social Media – Introduction

Over the coming weeks we will be expanding on each of the stages outlined below in their own individual blog article.

1) Listen

Before you launch in to social media you need to understand what the online landscape looks like for your company and your industry. You need to know what platforms you should be on, who you should be speaking to and what you should be saying.

2) Strategy

Now you know the scope of your social media audience you need to document your findings into a comprehensive step-by-step social media engagement strategy.

3) Training

You have a clear set strategy about how you are going to approach social media, but how do you actually do this on a day-to-day basis? Social media training will give you the skills to act on the strategy.

4) Engaging

You’ve been trained, now it’s time to go out and actually engage to start seeing some return on your investment.

5) Monitoring

You’re engaging, but what effect are you actually having on the market? Are you increasing your brand awareness or lead generation? You need to monitor to make sure your social media activity is up-to-date and on target.

6) Measuring

Ensure you benchmark your current market position so you can report the relative success of what you are currently doing on social media.

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