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Once you have started to actually engage on social media it’s easy to think that the hard part has been done. You’ve taken your time and followed some very careful steps to ensure that you are talking to the right people, in the right way at the right time… but what do you do now? How do you ensure that you are keeping up with the latest industry and social trends so that you continue to stay where your audience are? You need to ensure that you do not forget the lessons you learned during the listening stage of your strategy and continuously monitor both your own social media activity and that of the industry.

Being self-analytical is a tough skill but a necessary one in the world of social media. Draw back to the listening, training and (most importantly) the strategy stages to ensure that you are on track with your social media activity. Are you tweeting the people you said you would? Are you in the communities your strategy suggested you should be? Make sure you monitor your social media output and track it against where you had planned to be.

Of equal importance is ensuring that your listening exercises and strategy are up to date in regards to the industry. The social media world moves at lightening pace so you need to ensure that there are no new platforms, communities or forums that have sprung up that are moving your audience to different areas. What was an active location 6 months ago may no longer be the correct place to be and the right place to focus your efforts. Ensure you constantly monitor for the latest industry trends.

Monitoring is only one part of your ongoing social media behaviour – you need to both monitor and measure to ensure you see real tangible ROI out of your social media presences.

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