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Once you have established a clear social media engagement strategy and understand exactly where you are going to talk, the type of post you are going to write and when you are going to submit it, you need to be clear on how best to leverage the social platforms and communities you are integrating into. It’s not as simple as just going into the social world and tweeting or posting to Facebook – there is a skill involved in marketing via social media that needs to be used and understood in your company’s social output.

It’s one thing knowing that you need to tweet engaging material and get influencers to interact with you, it’s a completely different thing actually being able to do it. Seek the advice of people whose job it is to be on social media! So many people jump into social media blind when the answer is to simply allow the social media ‘experts’ do what they do best to enable you to do what you do best – you know your company, they know social media. Pick your training course (and trainer) carefully and know that by the end of it you should be aware of:

– The specific terminology and functionality of the social media platforms you are going to be using

– How to interact with people online and send them around your ‘social media map’

– Be able to schedule updates

– Have a clear understanding of how best to control your time and resource management

Once you are confident that you know the ins and outs of the social media platforms and communities that your company is going to have a presence on (and only when you are confident of this) it is time to start engaging with your potential (or current) customers.

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