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You’ve discovered where your audience are, what they’re saying and when they are most active…but how do you actually go about engaging with them in a way that will drive your business forward and achieve tangible results? Before you launch yourself into social media you need to utilise the findings of the ‘listening’ stage to create a foolproof step-by-step engagement strategy.

You need to complete an internal audit of resources and staff allocation to accurately assign how much staff time and money can actually be expended on your social media activity. Once you know who you have at your disposal and how often they are able to be present on social media you can formulate this data into both a daily task sheet and a 3 month editorial calendar. The listening phase will have informed you which social platforms to be on and when to be on them so you need to cross reference this against what you will be doing on a daily basis over a period of a minimum of 3 months.

Once you know when you are going to be talking and where you are going to be active, you need to be clear what exactly it is you’re going to say. What percentage of your tweets are going to be company broadcasts and how many will be day-to-day engagement? What pages of your website are you going to link back to in forums? What blog topics are you going to cover over the next 3 months and how are you going to invite conversation within them? The answer to these questions is intrinsically linked to the findings of the listening you have undertaken.

Once you have a clear and concise plan of what you are going g to say, when you are going to say it and where you are going to be present, you need to receive training (whether it is 1 hour or 2 days) on the actual process of social media engagement.

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