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Many people jump into social media with 2 feet before they have properly thought about where they should be and what they should be doing. If you are on Twitter but all your customers are discussing your industry on LinkedIn then what exactly are you achieving with your social media activity? You need to ‘listen’ to what people are saying about your industry, your brand and your competitors so that you can accurately being to talk to the right people in the right place and on the right level.

Social Media monitoring tools afford you the ability to accurately take a snapshot look at the social media landscape in which you wish to operate. Free tools and enterprise tools vary drastically in the depth of analysis that they offer but they all offer valuable insight to your target market. You need to establish:

  • Where are your audience? You need to discover whether your customers are talking on Twitter, LinkedIn, in Forums or any other social media platform.
  • When are your audience active? Establish when people in your industry discuss on social platforms in the evenings, weekends or during working hours. You will be able to allocate resources more efficiently to match when will be most prosperous for your social media activity.
  • What are your audience saying? Discover what the pain points are for your customers and talk to them on their level and in their language.

Once you have a clear picture of what your social media picture is, you can begin to strategise and plan your social approach.

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