Social Media Tools Review 4: Sprout Social

What is Klout?

Sprout Social is a monitoring tool that allows you to organize multiple accounts and multiple identities in one place. Sprout Social helps you manage and grow your social presence through sharp interfaces and detailed reports.

Where can I find it?

Is it free?

No, but single user licenses only cost $9 per month so it is affordable for all businesses.

Who is it useful for?

Businesses, particularly SMB’s. Sprout Social suggests users that you should follow and engage with and is a really beneficial feature for small businesses to extend their social reach through minimum effort.

How does it compare to its competitors?

Social media monitoring is a crowded market place, with enterprise level tools such as Radian6, Brandwatch and Alterian SM2 having a far greater depth of analysis available. However these cost upwards of £400 per month. Sprout Social sits in the middle of these tools and inefficient free tools such as Klout, offering the best interface and reporting of any other tool in its price bracket. Its closest competitor in regards to pricing, Actionly, has the benefit of integration with Google Analytics. Apart from this Sprout Social is currently leading the way for low cost social media monitoring tools.

What is its key feature?

Its reporting feature and ‘Social Inbox’ are excellent and useful additions.


Sprout Social is an excellent cheap monitoring tool. Offering a user interface even top-level monitoring tools would be jealous of it fits comfortably into a pricing range affordable for all companies. For small to medium businesses this is a very useful social tool to have.

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