Social Media Tools Review 3: Klout

What is Klout?

Klout scores your social media influence based on your ability to, in their words, ‘drive action’. Predominantly focussed on Twitter (although they now include Facebook too) Klout measures and ranks every piece of content you post. Klout scores your social media activity to determine your ‘True Reach’ (how many people you influence), ‘Amplification’ (how much you influence them) and ‘Network Score’ (how influential they are).

Where can I find it?

Is it free?


Who is it useful for?

Business Twitter accounts. Klout is a useful way for business social media accounts to judge the effectiveness of their online campaigns and reach.

How does it compare to its competitors?

There are few free tools solely focussed on ranking social media influence. Klout’s main competitor currently is Twittergrader which pulls much of the same statistics through and does so in a quicker fashion. Twittergrader’s results also appear to have more authenticity, with Klout appearing to be fooled by Spam Bots whom they give a high score to. Klout, however, has the backing of major social powerhouses such as Hootsuite. PeerIndex is another competitor worth noting.

What is its key feature?

Impressive and useful summarising graphic to demonstrate where your weaknesses and strengths are within your social presence.


Klout has been adopted by social media aggregator Hootsuite and has been verified by Twitter. However its results are erratic and often do not seem to accurately represent someone’s social influence. It is constantly evolving however and offers a viable free alternative to enterprise level tools which fulfil the same role. It is a tool worth keeping in mind to monitor developments.

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