Social Media Tools Review 2: Twitter Karma

What is Twitter Karma?

Twitter Karma is a tool which separates and manages your Twitter following and follower lists so that you can ensure you are only following people who are following you back.

Where can I find it?

Is it free?


Who is it useful for?

Everyone – personal Tweeters and business Twitter accounts. Unfortunately the popularity of Twitter has encouraged people to create ‘spam bots’ who mass follow other users in the attempt that you will follow them back. Once you follow them back they unfollow you so that they can keep a good ‘follower:following’ ratio. Twitter Karma allows you to delete those users who do this so that you have a refined and useful Twitter list.

How does it compare to its competitors?

No ‘follower list’ tool is perfect and Twitter Karma does not have the analytics capabilities of some its competitors. However it is the easiest tool to unfollow those users who are not following you back and is (currently) the most time efficient way of managing your Twitter following and followers.

What is its key feature?

The ability to unfollow users with just one click, meaning you do not have to directly enter Twitter after initially authorising access to your account.


Twitter Karma lacks a lot of functionality required to afford you adequate knowledge of which followers are useful, which are engaging and which ones you should continue following – it simply tells you which users are not following you back. For this, however, Twitter Karma is very good – it is simple to find out which users are not following you and equally simple to unfollow them. To ensure you are only following Tweeters who have approached the medium in the correct, fair and engaging manner Twitter Karma is extremely useful.

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