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A common mistake made by businesses on social media is to quickly ensure they have presences on the ‘big 3’: Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Sure, they are used more often than other platforms for a reason but it is important to remember that every industry is different! Coca Cola customers may well discuss the brand on Facebook but would a B2B Telecoms company be there? How can you be sure that your Hair Salon clients are active on Twitter? You need to make sure you are talking to your customers on the platforms they most frequently inhabit; otherwise you run the risk of wasting time, budget and resources.

You wouldn’t stand with a megaphone on Street A if all your customers were gathering in Street B so why treat social media any differently? Ensure you extensively research where your specific industry and brand is being discussed and allocate the majority of your resources on building relationships on these platforms. You may find people have questions about your brand that they are raising in Forums yet these questions are being answered by other people who could, potentially, be damaging your brand reputation. All this could be happening while you are being active on Twitter because that’s where you thought your customers were. Realigning your efforts to being present on Forums would increase your brand awareness, customer relationships and lead generation as well as streamlining your marketing output.

Remember – don’t just follow the crowd and do what is expected. Meet your customers where they already are.

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