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Prior to Social Media it would be common practice to undergo some form of market research before you launched a new product, service or marketing direction. Well the advent of fast-paced and instant communication that is achieved by Social Media platforms has not changed this basic rule of business. You need to know what your market demands otherwise it is impossible to meet them!

But how do you go about monitoring something that during the news of Bin Laden’s death created over 5000 tweets per second?! Well luckily you are not expected to do this alone. There are a whole host of free tools that allow you to remove literally days of man-hours sifting through all the irrelevant posts to find the conversations that are useful for you, your business and your industry. ‘The Drum’ lists what it considers the top 11 free monitoring tools currently available and in the most part they comprehensively review each individual one here: http://bit.ly/enadSr. As you can see, each tool does something slightly different so find the right tool for your needs.

You need to know what is important to your market. There’s no point offering discounted MOT’s if your customers really wants a cheap Service. Find out what you need to be saying and let the plethera of quality free tools that are availble help you.

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