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There appears to be an ongoing fight between marketing agencies/departments and PR agencies/departments as to the control of social media accounts. Marketers argue that social media should be used to leverage new contacts and clients, whereas PR professionals will retaliate that it is a new era form of brand awareness and public relations. Who’s right?

They both are. The reality is it’s a frivolous debate, when at the centre of social media both can be achieved. The benefits for marketing are well circulated, but leveraging social media to align with marketing activity AND increase PR benefits cannot be underestimated. Traditionally PR exercises would be used to build up relationships with local and national press. Social media can be used to engage with journalists in a one-to-one manner in real-time. It is actually aiding the process! Whereas this level of contact would have been impossible to get in the past, Twitter provides genuine opportunities to connect.

PR companies would also have used events to build up positive PR. In the modern world, there is no better way to market and advertise a promotional event than through digital channels, including social media. Finally press releases and press release syndication form the hub of any PR activity. Social media channels can be used to effectively link users to these press releases when hosted online.

Social media is a great friend of PR, not an enemy!

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