SEO: Top 5 Tips

5 top tips that will help your website build a strong SEO structure and be found on search engines for the keyword terms that matter.

1.Meta Descriptions

A fundamental element of SEO that every website has to get right is to include a meta description on each individual page. There is much debate as to whether Google ranks for Meta tags (it probably doesn’t, although it’s good practice to include them) but it definitely scans your meta descriptions. Fit in keywords in a coherent sentence and keep it short (there is no agreed upon length on which Google stops ranking, but it is generally thought to be about 150 characters).

2. Copy

Make sure your web copy is SEO optimised. An often under looked element of SEO, Google will not only scan your back end development but also your on site copy to judge relevancy and importance. You need to make sure you have included the keywords you want to be searched for high up on your home page and on each sub page.

3. Back Links

Having industry relevant sites linking to your own website informs Google that yours is a rich source of information within its industry. Look to place links on influential sites, either by commenting on them where possible or by link-sharing (the practice of placing a link to their site on yours in exchange for the same service in return).

4. Deep Links

This is a technique that is just as important for navigation as it is for SEO. Having various sub pages on your site linking to each other shows Google that your site has both a good structure and a depth of content. This then, in turn, will result in all pages of your site being found for a variety of search terms.

5. Social Media

Google now deems social media profiles and links a valid source of traffic, so ranks sites accordingly. This is another reason to have an active social media presence that is part of an integrated digital marketing presence linking back to your site.

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