SEO: Top 3 Must Do’s

It is true – SEO is a difficult and time consuming thing to get right. Experts have spent years trying to get their head around Google’s complex algorithm….and they still haven’t mastered it! There are, however, a wide range of implementable strategies that can be put in place quickly and efficiently.

Here are our SEO Top 3 Must Do’s:

1. Research Keywords

Look at your close competitors and use the wide range of tools available on Google (such as AdWord’s ‘Keyword Tool’) to strip your brand down to a list of 5-10 keywords you would like to be found for on search engines. Once you have this established, used this to form the structure of your content to ensure you get found for the terms that matter.

2. Back Linking

Google decides how influential your website is using a number of factors, one of them being how many other sites link to it. Although more complicated than this, the basic rule is to get as many websites as possible to link to your own, and individual pages within it. A good place to start is by submitting to online directories and social bookmarking sites.

3. Tags

A quick and easy way to both be found by Google and to ensure that your content is deemed relevant compared to the search term by the audience is to complete all available tags within the websites framework. Ensure you write meta descriptions, meta tags, H1 tags and H2 tags on every single page of your website. It’s the easiest and most simple to execute SEO technique and an absolute must.

SEO is much more than these 3 tips, but this is a great strategy to adopt to launch your SEO campaign.

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