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Having a comprehensive deep linking strategy is paramount to the success of any attempt at Search Engine Optimisation. Being able to move people around your site is not only good for the user experience and to increase the chance of goal completion, it is also a vital element that Google ‘scrapes’. But if you’ve outsourced your web design, development or copywriting you may be have not taken into consideration the type of tags you have assigned to each link. Moreover, you may not even be aware that you can!

A ‘no follow’ tag essentially cuts out all of the ‘page juice’ you have earned at that point, meaning that whatever page you link to from there does not benefit from the authority you have acquired. This is often used when a site owner is linking to an external site and does not want to positively affect the other site’s rankings. However you have to be careful. If you are not being seen to ‘play ball’ and are benefiting from all your inbound links without ‘giving anything back’, Google are aware of this. It’s not ‘black hat’ SEO but it will affect your domain and page authority.

Conversely, having a ‘follow’ tag assigned to links allows your site to fully utilise all of the page juice gained from the initial enquiry. This is essential in not only benefitting the linked-to page but overall in helping our site’s ranking on Google. Any deep-linking strategy needs to include a high percentage of ‘follow-able’ links.

You need to strike the balance of ‘no follow’ and ‘follow’ links. Remember, Google is watching!

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