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A basic error made by many online businesses is not optimising their Title Tags, indeed a lot of them do not even know what a Title Tag is! A Title Tag is what appears on your browser tab and is also what is featured on the first line of your description on Google. The Title Tag needs to be bespoke and relevant to the content of that page – it is no use simply using your company name. You are likely to be in a competitive keyword market and Title Tags are widely understood to be the first thing Google scans (Tip – use Google’s ‘Keyword Finder’ to discover the best and most searched for keywords). Google needs to know instantly what each page of your website is about so you need to optimise your Title Tags on every page, with a maximum of 55 characters.

e.g. The homepage of ‘Sid’s Bar’ should not have a Title Tag of simply ‘Sid’s Bar’, instead it should read similar to: Sid’s Bar | Pub and Restaurant |Live Music. Google would then instantly be able to recognise 4 key services the business provide and rank it accordingly.

Meta Tags offer you the opportunity to elaborate on your Title Tag and fully inform Google of what it is you offer and why you are unique. You may never have heard about Meta Tags or know how to employ them – on WordPress websites it is easy to find but on some other hosts it is more complicated and you may need to consult an expert. There are various schools of thought on character count, with some ‘experts’ proclaiming you only have 140 characters and others declaring 165 is ok. Whatever the specific count is it is clear you need to make your Meta Tag description focussed and punchy. You need to include as many of your services offered on that specific page in a coherent sentence (no keyword stuffing!) and finish with a call to action all in a limited character count – many skills from Twitter are transferable!

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