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It is widely accepted that Google uses inbound links as a measure of authority for websites, which in turn determines their rating and ranking. If your web page can attract links from other pages Google’s algorithm will increase the importance of this page and allow your site to be seen by more people.

In simple terms, the more links you get to your page the more authority Google will give to that page and the more visible it will become in searches. It is important that these links come from as many different sources as possible – a common school of thought suggests that having a forum on your site allows you to fast track this process by including links on a number of threads, and this technique is certainly a good place to start. Going out and embedding links into your comments on blogs and mainstream news articles alerts Google that a wide variety of sources are linking through to your website, suggesting that you have worthwhile content that has influence across the web.

Creating a link building strategy is important in regards to your SEO ranking but it can also be used to springboard your marketing activity too. Using your social media accounts to link to your site further reiterates your sites validity, so the more retweets you can achieve and the more social advocates you can gain increases the chance of Google picking up on your activity. A vital aspect to remember is to link to a variety of different web pages on your site – having inbound links to different sections of your site tells Google you have rich content. If you just link to your homepage Google’s algorithm asserts that you have shallow content of little to no value, or even worse that you have automated these links. Google is smart, there are few shortcuts so your SEO success is determined by a fully integrated and efficient marketing campaign.

Two simple rules to remember: link through to your site from as many sources as possible AND link to a wide variety of pages on your site.

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