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There are pages and pages of information that stress the important of keyword research and making sure all your H1 tags and meta tags are fully optimised. But it’s imperative you are wary of the danger of getting this wrong and doing it too much in the wrong places.

Why? Well there are two reasons:

1) Google penalises you. There is always a small element of guesswork involved in SEO and choosing how many words Google allows you to ‘stuff’ between H1 tags is one of those guesses. However what is clear is that they penalise you for putting too many in and in some instances blacklist you entirely from their results. What we can do is study top pages ion SEPRs and make sure our guesses are as informed and researched as possible. In Google’s case, it’s better to have less than more – too many and you will find all your keyword research amount to nothing.

2) By cramming or ‘stuffing’ as many keywords in each and every sentence of your website copy you are disrupting the flow of your text and making it difficult to read. This means that even if you do manage to avoid all the Google penalties and somehow miraculously find yourself at the top of the Google rankings people will be instantly turned off with the jargon you are feeding them.

Yes keyword research is one of the most, if not THE most, important aspects of getting SEO right. But be very wary of how you use those keywords – Google is ready and willing to penalise you for trying to abuse the system!

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