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When it comes to SEO one of the most important aspects to focus your attention on is the

research into, and use of, keywords. You need to be able to define both your business and your target market in a selection of words that can then be used to help you get found online. But what types of keywords are relevant for your company and your industry? Should they be broad or more specific? Ensuring you have the right keywords included in your copy and back-end code is vital, so take your time answering these key questions.

As with anything in SEO, unfortunately, the answers are not always straightforward and cannot be given as a blanket response. When researching keywords (SEOMoz have a great tool whilst Google offer some free alternatives) it is crucial to establish both their relevance and how competitive they are. If you sell shoes you may think it’s a great idea to be found simply for the expression ‘shoes’, but due to the vast competitive nature of this phrase it is likely to be more productive to attempt to be found for a niche term such as ‘adult brown loafer shoes’. A regular mistake SEO novices make is having generic and competitive target keywords which result in them asking why they are seeing no return on their investment.

Once you have established the keyword terms you are going to attempt to be ranked for you need to implement them into a cohesive SEO content and development strategy. Including them in your copy is imperative and the higher up the page the better, but beware; keyword ‘stuffing’ will have a negative impact on your ranking. Make sure your sentences make sense and you are not simply cramming in keywords to get found – Google are wise to this. You need to put yourself in the position of the reader because that is what Google does – they are ranking your relevancy. Then with your Meta Tags, Descriptions and Title Tags include these keywords prominently where possible. This links together with your copy and allows Google to identify your site as a relevant source for that keyword search.

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