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A key component of any integrated SEO strategy is the ability to control, monitor and report on user behaviour on your site. Being able to see at what point your customer/client enters your site, what they do on there, how long they stay and when they leave allows you to ascertain what can be improved. This is, however, much more useful if you can tie it back to the ‘goals’ of your site and if they are being achieved.

Google Analytics (or alternative analytics programmes/software) is a critical component to this being achieved. One of the first things to be done when implementing an SEO strategy is to integrate analytics into your site. Amongst the many things this allows you to do is set site goals. If you have, for example, decided that the ultimate action you want a user to take on your website is to click a certain link that goes through to a promotional video, Google Analytics allows you to build this in so that you can monitor how many times this ‘goal’ has been achieved.

But why is this important? Well if not enough people are completing this goal and clicking through to your video, why not? If your website not generating enough traffic then perhaps you are not successfully back linking sufficiently or your copy and coding is not optimised enough. However if your site is getting the volume of users you had anticipated then you need to look at the user journey of your site – does your deep linking, navigation and copy actually encourage people to find your ‘end goal’ page?

Installing analytics software and integrating site goals is pivotal in the evolution of your SEO strategy.

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