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You want as many people as you possibly can to visit your website and you’ve been informed of a variety of SEO techniques. You know you need to include relevant keywords, you know you need to research your competitors and you know you need to put back links onto influential websites…but how do you get your local target audience to pay attention?! Google has made great strides in recent times and its impressive options incorporated into Google Places act as an example of this.

Google Places allow you to get your business information to be attached to your listing in Google. If done correctly, your business address, website and contact details will be shown in tandem with your Google listing. This instantly tells your customer where you are, what you do and how they can get hold of you. Recent studies have shown a huge evolution towards people clicking on those adverts that have included Google Places compared to those who haven’t, so it’s important you sit up and take note in regards to your approach to SEO.

So you know that it’s worthwhile being listed with Google Places, but how do you go about implementing it? The most direct way to do this is to ensure that your business information (address, contact details etc) are correctly placed in as many locations as possible both on your own website and on other websites. This gives Google the best opportunity to recognise your details and list them for you. Having reviews written on exterior review sites such as Yelp also heavily aid this process.

Google is getting localised – make sure your SEO does the same!

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