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A basic SEO strategy will have onsite techniques such as meta tags, H1 and H2 tags, copy optimisation and meta descriptions. Some may incorporate offsite SEO techniques such as back linking and directory submissions to supplement the onsite SEO. Advanced SEO strategies will even try to ensure that the visitors to their site are relevant and targeted through a wide variety of offsite digital marketing techniques including PPC, social media and email marketing. However in most instances this activity is entirely focussed on getting people onto the homepage, entirely ignoring the sites subpages.

This may seem like a reasonable approach to adopt because the homepage is, after all, geared towards being your site’s hub to redirect people to sub pages. However what this fails to capitalise on is the depth of content and information possessed within these pages. Each page within your website will focussed on a slightly different audience type with different end goals – if you sell a range of products then each page will list a different set of product options for example. If you are purely focussing your SEO on getting people onto your homepage you are bypassing the people interested in a specific product or service you offer by not having a strong strategy specifically for them.

A back linking strategy is great but it needs to be supplemented with a deep linking strategy. Deep linking enables interaction between different pages on your site as well as incorporating links on exterior sites directed through to your websites sub pages. This not only gives users more opportunities to find a variety of content on your site but is also ranked by Google as a site with a depth of relevant content being linked to from a variety of sources.


Do not neglect the content on your website by purely focussing on your homepage.

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