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Google and Facebook may not have the best working relationship but recent months have seen the evolution towards social media becoming a significant ally of SEO and in getting your website seen on the world’s premier search engine. With the ability to export the ‘Like’ button web managers are able to transport the power of their website through uncapped social sharing. This creates a commanding back link destination for any website owner which, in turn, enables them to shoot up the Google rankings. It’s basic SEO brought forward to web 2.0 – get your website linked to on as many influential sites as possible, this time the ‘like’ button does the hard work for you.

The impact of an active Twitter account will have a similar effect on your search engine rankings. Linking back to relevant pages on your website with your tweets will enhance your back linking strategy, but it also has the ability to do much more than this as Google has recently removed the ‘no follow’ tag. This means that tweets now show up in their search engine results alongside ‘normal’ web pages. Fitting the right keywords into your tweets can give your brand, and website, much more exposure on Google.

Social Media and SEO have become so intrinsically linked to each other that it is now widely recognised that you cannot have a cohesive and integrated SEO policy without an active social media strategy.

If you want to compete with SEO, you need to be Social!

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