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If you have only just discovered and understood what SEO actually is then it is likely you are starting from scratch with the process of optimising your coding and your copy. It’s impossible for you to be expected to know exactly what keywords will work to ensure you climb the search engine rankings without research. Whilst there are some good free tools out there (with Google’s ‘Keyword Finder’ and ‘Traffic Estimator’ two of the dominant ones) the best and most accurate way to assess which words are effective within your industry is to analyse what your competitors are doing well. Type specific industry relevant search terms that you wish to be at the top of into Google and note which websites appear on the first page. Then go through their website copy and source code to see what words they have used to get to there. Make a note of all of these keywords and base your copy and coding around them. If you are able to fuse your findings from 3-5 separate search terms then you have taken the first step to appearing at the top in Google.

It’s not just keywords you can draw inspiration from too. As mentioned in previous blogs it is imperative that your website has a backlinking strategy if it wants to be seen on prominent search engines such as Google. Pick your top 2 or 3 local competitors and see which sites are linking through to them – it’s likely that these will be industry relevant pages that you too should have a presence on. Identifying influential industry websites is imperative to improving your Google ranking and seeing which sites link through to your competitors is a sure-fire way of finding them.

Do not be afraid to draw inspiration from your competitors – your ‘USP’s’ can still be your services, solutions or even the way you conduct yourself in business.

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