SEO: I Have A Flash Based Website…Help!

Flash websites exist within a single frame, making it very difficult for Google to a) read the site’s code and b) recognise individual pages. Whilst you have to work much harder for it, there are things you can do to compete with HTML websites on Google. Here are 5 SEO tips for Flash websites:

Optimise Copy

The same rules apply for Flash as they do for HTML. Google struggles to read Flash but it is developing its capabilities and it does rank sites with carefully chosen keywords above those without. Ensure you undertake extensive keyword research and optimise your copy.

H1 Tags and Meta Descriptions

You still have the opportunity to insert H1 tags and meta descriptions into Flash code so make sure you do this. Remember, Google is watching!

Insert HTML Pages

It doesn’t matter if your website has been built in Flash, you can still intertwine HTML pages to help with your SEO ranking. 10% of computer users do not have Flash or Javascript installed, so they will see the automated HTML version of your site anyway so it is vital that you have designed HTML alternatives for some pages. This will help Google recognise your code and rank your website, despite it being Flash.

Back Link

Once you have some HTML pages, link to them. Google is reading your HTML copy so make sure you are receiving traffic to them from social bookmarks and online directories.

Submit to Google Places

A quick ‘cheat’ to elevate yourself above other websites on Google is to submit your business to Google Places. It doesn’t matter what your site is built in, if you are on Google Places your website will appear above the usual results in the highlighted fields reserved for this service. Anyone can submit their business so make sure you do!

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