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Off-site optimisation should come after you have completed your on-site optimisation (keywords, tags, latest news etc). The first and most dominant part of this is a back linking strategy that involves getting your website linked to from numerous influential online resources. This tells Google that your site is worthy of being referenced from a variety of sources and therefore must be significant enough to be deemed important by the industry. However if you are only linking to your home page you are not only indicating you have not properly thought through your user-journey strategy but you are also indicating to Google that you do not have a depth of interesting and relevant content.

You need to make sure you have as many links coming in from as many sources linking to as many pages on your site as possible. This is called ‘deep linking and it informs search engines that you have lots of worthwhile content and not merely a shallow, homepage focussed website. Each page on your website has different information on it, whether it be a variety of different services, contact us forms or even the ‘About Us’ page. Each one of these pages represents an opportunity for your website to receive separate deep links to be ranked individually AND to bolster your websites general Google ranking.

Google likes to see a lot of links coming from all angles – it reads this is it being an interesting and popular website. Be sure your back linking strategy places a heavy focus on deep linking.

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