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The advantages that having influential sites linking to you own website is well documented and remains one of the key elements of search engine ranking. What is less documented, however, is the importance of deep-linking within your own site structure.

Most sites will have a prominent top-level navigation bar that directs its users from page to page. More advanced and complex sites will have this supplemented by in depth drop-down menus or a secondary side-nav. This is the basic requirement for a site from not only an SEO perspective but also in the development of a comprehensive and successful user journey strategy.  However the area in which most start-up websites fall down is in believing that this is enough of an internal-link strategy to be picked up on by Google and other search engines.

Within each page there are multiple opportunities to ensure that your user is given the opportunity to continue their ‘journey’ on your site. Embedding links into your text is an obvious way to achieve this whilst not affecting the flow of your content or disrupting page composition. Signing off the footer of each page with additional links ensures your user has the opportunity to visit another page after reading relevant content. Image links are an interactive way in which you can engage your user and create successful deep-linking.

Remember that a link strategy does not just relate to getting people on to your site, it’s about linking within the website itself and having strong navigation.

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