SEO: 5 Ways To Back Link

SEO can fundamentally be broken down into 2 separate sections, both of which deserve equal amount of attention, time and resources spent on them: on-site and off-site SEO. On-site SEO refers to everything you do on your own website, such as using keywords and entering H1 and meta tags etc. Off-site largely revolves around the essential SEO technique of back linking. A ‘back link’ is where a link to your site appears on other online locations – Google ranks a website much higher if it appears to be relevant and interesting to others and a back link achieves just this.

But how do you go about forming a back linking strategy? Here are 5 ways you can get your site linked to on other websites, forums and online communities:

1. Directory submission

There are many online directories built specifically for various industries that you can submit your content to, a lot of which are free.

2. Social Media

Having an active social media presence that links back to your site is a great way of showing Google that you have fresh and useful information.

3. Link Exchange

A link exchange is an ethical way of requesting that your site gets linked to in return for you doing the same for the host of that website. As long as the two sites are relevant to each other and there is no objection from the site owner, this is a great way to build traffic and SEO ranking for your site.


Commenting on other blogs, articles or news items and including links in those comments is hugely encouraged by Google

5. Forums

Even in 2012, forums are still active and vibrant locations for discussion. Getting involved in those discussions and linking back to your site is ranked by Google.

These 5 methods are a great way to begin a back linking strategy to help your website climb the search engine rankings.

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