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Before you consider every minute detail of SEO and map a comprehensive and complicated plan-of-action, it’s important you get the basics right. Here are our top 3 tips to get you started in SEO:

1. Tag

The easiest element that you can implement into the backend of your website is the H1, H2 and Meta Tags. Whilst they alone will not get you onto the first page of Google, it is an absolutely essential part of getting search engines to notice you. Without ensuring each and every page and sub-page of your website has been filled out with all relevant tags you will have to work a lot harder to have a successful search engine presence.

2. Meta Descriptions

One of the first elements that Google scans to see if your website is relevant to the search term is your Meta Description. It is widely thought that you have up to 160 characters (including spacing) to make an impact, so be sure to include keywords in a coherent structure.

3. Back link

Google likes popular websites. By getting your site linked to by as many other influential online resources as possible you are informing Google that your page has value. Get your website into online directories, social bookmarking sites and link back to it from your social media accounts. This will, in-turn, increase your website’s page rank and help you climb towards the top of search engine results.

There is much more that needs to be done and updated for a successful SEO campaign, but these 3 tips are an essential starting place to getting your website seen online.

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