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Depending upon who you listen to, 5% of emails are opened, 60% of Facebook posts and 90% of tweets are all viewed on a mobile device (ref: https://snaphop.com/2012-mobile-marketing-statistics) .

Some marketers are even suggesting that general mobile usage will overtake desktop web browsing by 2014. All of that means you need a site that can be viewed on mobile devices.

But how do you do it? Historically you had 3 options:

1.       Create a separate mobile version of your website

Problem is, it’s time consuming and take s a great deal to manage in order to update both version of your website simultaneously.

2.       Create a mobile application

Problem is, it’s exceptionally expensive…not to mention getting enough exposure to it is incredibly difficult.

3.       Do nothing and hope your website can be read on mobile devices

Problem is, it can’t. Not very well at least.

 Now there is a 4th way – responsive web design. Without going into the technicalities involved in the coding and development, responsive websites allow for the restructuring of elements on the page dependent upon the device and screen size on which they are being viewed. If you have a usual sized desktop screen then the web page will be viewed in a completely different, but similarly navigable, way than that on a tablet device, which in turn is differently presented than on a smart phone.

Responsive websites eliminate the need for a separate website or App, making your site easily viewable on all devices and in any situation.

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