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Many digital marketers would have you believe that you should relocate your entire advertising and marketing budget to online channels. ‘The future is digital’ and ‘Print is dead’ will be familiar sentences to new start-up businesses seeking agency advice. But here’s the real truth….print isn’t dead, it’s as alive as ever…it just needs a digital hand.

Ask any events company, restaurant or club; a leaflet drop used to be integral to ensuring that they received enough income month-on-month. Being able to have a leaflet designed and delivered to thousands of doorsteps was a great way of spreading brand awareness. When the digital revolution came along companies have had to change and adapt. Instead of leaflet drops there are now email lists, Twitter followers and Google AdWords. Those companies that took their marketing online survived the change, but those that managed to integrate their digital marketing with the printed material are the ones who prospered.

Integrated marketing need not only apply to online channels – print can (and should) be included. Instead of trying to build a new database online, align your activity to match that of your leaflet and poster campaigns to utilise your existing database. If you are promoting a 20% off voucher, use a leaflet/brochure to make people aware and then follow it up with email marketing and social media as a secondary prompt. If you want to advertise a new product you have available, time your PPC campaign with that of strategic print handouts.

The digital era should not be exclusive to digital marketing. Print has an important role to play.

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