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You may think why would anyone want to hack my website? If your website does not contain any financially sensitive information, you may wonder why anyone would be interested in hacking your site. Well, it is true that sites that offer access to financial information are targeted for monetary gain. However, most sites are hacked in order to use the site and the server that hosts the site as a spring board for sending on spam and other unwanted emails to your database. The number of spam emails that can be sent through your site can be thousands! Ultimately, if the demand on the server exceeds its capacity, your website will then crash.

Another reason to hack your site

Of course, there are many reasons hackers want to gain access to a site. However, another key reason is to use the storage capacity on your hosting server assigned to your site to store illegal files. These files may movies or songs or any other media. In fact the illegal files themselves may not be complete movies or songs etc. but rather bits of media. What does all of this mean for you and your website? Basically you need to take your website security seriously. Make sure your web host and web designer keep your site 100% up to date. Hackers try to exploit known weaknesses in software. Keeping your software up to date is one really important way of ensuring the site remains secure.

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