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When you set up any digital marketing campaign you need to take into account both who your target audience are and how they are going to be viewing your content. Mobile internet usage is continually increasing and it needs to be given particular attention – PPC is no different.

When establishing a PPC campaign there are many variances you can alter to be more focussed on your target market. You can separate via geography, online location, keywords and many more. But the one that is regularly ignored is the ability to have separate adverts for mobile devices. If you simply have a ‘one-size-fits-all’ campaign structure you will be limiting the success you will be able to achieve, and marginalising your mobile users. Just like you would for display network campaigns and search campaigns, adverts aimed at the mobile devices need to be in their own campaign in AdWords.

Setting up a mobile campaign in Google AdWords takes the same form as any other. In the ‘settings’ tab decide on the name, type, networks, location and advanced options. Then make sure you tick the ‘Let me choose…’ option under ‘Desktops & laptops, mobile devices and tablets’ and select ‘mobile devices with full browsers’.

Then, when composing the adverts themselves be sure to choose mobile specific language, enticing users by mentioning the possible devices they are viewing them on. Keep the ads short and punchy so that they stand out on mobile devices. Then you will have catered for the mobile market and can fully utilise the large potential market of mobile devices.

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