PPC Match Types…And When You Might Use Them!

If you’re looking for a significant increase in targeted traffic to your site, PPC is the most instant method to achieve this. By being able to ‘jump the queue’ of organic listings on Google (and partner networks) you are able to increase visibility and the volume of potential customers entering your site.

If you have chosen PPC as a channel to market your site, then Google AdWords is a friendly starting platform, along with giving you a presence on the world’s most powerful search engine! AdWords offers a wide variety of options to allow you to target your user more specifically, but also to pinpoint the search terms that you want your advert to show for.

But what do the different ‘match types’ mean and when are you likely to use them?

Exact match

This option allows you to choose the exact phrase you want to be found for. So if you are looking to appear for ‘blue trainers’, by choosing ‘exact match’ (or inputting the phrase using square brackets) your advert will only show when that exact phrase is entered, and not if someone adds words either side, e.g. ‘I want blue trainers in London’.

You are likely to use this match type when searching for direct sales and lead generation amongst heavily competitive and interchangeable search terms

Phrase match

By choosing phrase match, the exact content of your inputted search term needs to be searched for, but additional words can border it either side. So if your phrase was ‘blue trainers’ your advert would appear for ‘where can i find blue trainers in Birmingham’.

You are likely to use this match type when your campaign is less targeted and specific, with a broader range of customer type, demographics and geographical reach.

Broad match

With broad match search terms, Google assesses the keywords you have put in and allows your advert to appear for associated keywords, as per their history and algorithm. This means that the search term ‘blue trainers’ could trigger an advert if the phrase ‘blue office shoes’ was entered.

You are likely to use this match type when your campaign relies on brand awareness and traffic generation is your main aim, with less emphasis on the targeting of users.

The match type you choose depends heavily on the focus and goals of your campaign. PPC can be beneficial for your business, but only when you use it in the right manner and align it to your business goals.

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