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‘Pay-per-click’ advertising incurs a cost. For many businesses they deem this to be too much. How can they justify spending £500 per month when they can just use their social channels and improve SEO for free? Why would they spend more money on online advertising when they already produce adverts and advertise in local newspapers?

It’s true that there is a cost, sometimes a significant cost, associated with PPC advertising. As the name suggests, you have to pay for every click that you receive on your site. But you can also measure the results of your campaign. If you advertise in print publications how can you judge the performance of it? Aside from being told of weekly readership, your only option is to ask customers who call/email you where they heard about you. With PPC you know how it has performed, you know how many site visits it has resulted in and, in conjunction with analytics, you know what those users have done and whether they have contacted you.

Not only is it more measurable, it is much more targeted. With most PPC models, including Google AdWords, you are able to target who sees your adverts by device, location, time and community amongst other criteria. What other form of advertising allows you to do that?! You are able to justify that the vast majority of visitors you receive from PPC are the right type of customer.

Finally, to answer the question of PPC vs. social media…do both! You may not be spending any tangible money on your social media presence, but you are spending considerable time….and in any business, time is money!

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