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PPC is a great way to guarantee visitors to your website. If done correctly, it is a great way to guarantee targeted visitors on to your site. The perceived ease at creating an advert makes many people believe they can keep their PPC marketing in-house in order to achieve these goals. But there is a skill to PPC setup and management that you will only get from experience. Setting up different campaigns for different audience types is one of these skills.

As you go through the process on Google AdWords to setup your overall PPC campaign structure, you will notice the options you have to target a variety of different networks and devices. You can enable your adverts to only show on the search (and partner) and display networks, or a combination of both. You can also choose to have your adverts displayed on desktops, mobile and tablet devices or, again, a combination of the three. You most likely want exposure on all of these, so why not simply enable them all and have your PPC presence managed under just one campaign?

The reason Google AdWords provides you with these different options is that each one deserves its own concentration, its own focus and its own campaign. By separating your campaigns to target the different networks, devices and audience types you enable a greater level of optimisation geared towards them. Rather than having a set of keywords determining where your adverts are shown on the display network, you can individualise this. Rather than having long text ads for mobile devices, you can shorten them and add images to optimise their rotation.

Do not be tempted to try and do all your PPC in-house. Seek the advice of qualified professionals.

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