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You may have decided that you do not have enough time or resources to integrate SEO as a part of your marketing strategy. Perhaps you do not believe you have the necessary skills to attempt to tackle what can seem like a complicated and time consuming skill. However, even if climbing the rankings for relevant searches on Google is not of the highest priority for your company, the basic principles of SEO need to be followed regardless.

Optimising your web copy does not just help search engines find and rank your website, it also allows your customers to easily navigate your site and understand what your company offers and stands for. Without knowing the ins and outs of SEO there are two quick tips that allow your customers to enjoy their time spent on your website:

1. Keywords

Whilst it’s relevant in regards to SEO to use keywords for meta tags, meta descriptions etc, using keywords in the correct context is also an excellent way of accurately and efficiently communicating your products, services or offerings to your online audience. Choose between 5-10 keywords for each page of your website and use them in descriptive sentences to instantly allow your customers to assert what the purpose of the page is.

2. Linking

SEO teaches you to have a clear site map that contains a link strategy within your own website. Having calls to actions at the foot of each page to accompany 1 or 2 easy-to-follow nav bars allows your users to navigate your website with ease, increasing the time they spend on their and the likelihood that they will contact you or buy from you.

You may not want to know everything about SEO and you may not even care about being seen on Google, but you need to follow the basic principles of SEO if you want your customers to keep visiting your site.

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