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Mutter the words ‘SEO‘ to your friends (and even colleagues!) and you are likely to be met with blank faces or expressions of confusion. How exactly does Google work? How can you increase your page ranking? Complicated questions generally have complicated answers – SEO is not a simple process.

Keeping all of your services and solutions in-house may seem like the most cost effective solution for your business. But if you are not being seen online then you do not exist. Money you think you are saving in not hiring an individual or agency may be money wasted through staff time. Hiring a reputable company with a proven track record in SEO account management could be the wisest investment your business ever makes. Getting your website seen by the right eyes gives you a significant advantage over your competitors, so it is vital that the person handling your SEO knows how to get you to the top of Google.

Google’s algorithm is complicated and intricate and the knowledge of how to manipulate it to get your company climbing the rankings cannot be condensed into one, two or even a series of 10 blogs. It needs constant monitoring and adjusting even after a comprehensive and extensive setup period. It’s much more complicated than Meta Tags and backlink strategies – getting the best out of your website takes experience and numerous previous projects. Here at Clear Cut Web Solutions we have severa; testimonials and portfolio pieces for you to sift through displaying happy customers we have helped get the most out of their SEO. If you would like to see your website appear at the top of Google for your specific search terms call us on 0808 1084913 or email us at info@clearcutwebdesign.co.uk today!

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