Make Your Site Mobile

More and more internet usage is coming from mobile devices. The evolution of tablet devices have further pushed the mobile internet market into areas that were previously looked upon sceptically, such as ecommerce stores. People now feel safe and secure purchasing ‘on the go’ but not if your website is too messy and lacking clear navigation. It is absolutely imperative that your website can be easily read on mobile devices – you have two options to achieve this:

1. Mobile App

The most popular way to ensure that your website has a small piece of the mobile web landscape has been to develop a mobile application. With the benefit of easy, instant access as well as brand progression, mobile apps are a great way to ensure you get a ‘piece of the pie’.

2. Mobile Optimised Site

Mobile Apps are, however, very expensive to produce. Equally the App Store is so competitive it can be very difficult to be heard amongst the noise. The easiest, and often best, way to ensure your customers can visit your website and buy from it on mobile devices is to design a mobile optimised version of your site.

What to do to become mobile optimised:

  • Strip down the complex navigation to have one clear and easy to use nav bar
  • Reduce the amount of text
  • Reduce the amount of pages
  • Increase the size of links and buttons

If you are able to do this and design a mobile optimised website you are widening the possible reach your brand can have.

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