Make The Most Out Of Your 140 Characters

1) Use URL Shortening

This is an absolute must. URL’s are long and can end up taking 50% of your tweets. Twitter have (finally) in built their own URL shortener to automatically reduce the link you are embedding, but there are others out there that make them even shorter. and Bit.LY are excellent quick wins to free up some character space.

2) Be Clear and Concise

Traditional rules of marketing state you should be direct and to the point – this has never been more true than with Twitter. You are not writing an essay, whitepaper or even a blog. Make sure your tweets are to the point and concise.

3) Use Hashtags

Everybody thinks they know what a hashtag is, but are they actually using them properly? Probably not. A hashtag is a great way of opening up your tweet to a much wider and untapped audience. If you are tweeting news concerning Google use the hashtag ‘#Google’ at the end so that everyone searching this sees your tweet, not just your followers.

4) Use Simple Words

Simply put, simple words work better than complicated ones. Write ‘use’ instead of ‘utilise’, ‘get’ instead of ‘receive’ and ‘aids’ instead of ‘compliments’. Nobody is expecting you to be a scholar in your tweets.

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