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When people talk about PPC advertising they are usually referring to Google. If they are talking about social advertising then it is the Facebook model they will be describing and, if they are particularly clued up, Twitter’s new ‘sponsored’ approach. But mention LinkedIn advertising and you will be met with one of two responses: It doesn’t work, or: What is it?

It is true; LinkedIn advertising offers much worse CPC (cost-per-click) and CTR (click-through-rate) than its rivals. For the same money your advert can appear in front of more people, be clicked on more frequently and cost less per person who clicks on the advert on both Google and Facebook. But what people fail to recognise is LinkedIn advertising allows you to get your adverts shown to key decision makers within any specific business. With Google you can accurately geographically target and with Facebook you can (reasonably) accurately demographically target. But neither model allows you to choose the job role of the viewer of your adverts.

This means that you can get your message straight in to the C-level staff members, the directors and divisional managers. Any business owner (or B2B salesman) will tell you that one of the biggest challenges is actually gaining access to the people who can sign off on a project – LinkedIn provides you with this opportunity. What’s more you can choose the industry and groups in which you want your advert to be seen, meaning that you are targeting the right industry and the right people within that industry.

With the correct content marketing strategy you can deliver key messaging to your direct target audience – something neither Google nor Facebook offer. For a B2B business, this is worth more than sheer volume.

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