Key Twitter Questions Answered

Twitter celebrated its 6th birthday in March this year so it is often now simply assumed that people know how to utilise it for their business. However it needs to be remembered that, in the grand scheme of marketing, 6 years is a very small amount of time! People still need to be told what they need to do, when they should do it and who they should direct their messages to.

If you’re too scared, embarrassed or nervous to ask, here are some key questions answered:

What’s the difference between Facebook and Twitter?

A common misconception is that these two separate platforms achieve the same thing. Twitter is much more ‘real-time’ than Facebook, allowing more instant and personal interaction.

How many characters allowed in a tweet?

You must not exceed 140 characters in each tweet, including any username you are directing the tweet to.

What does ‘RT’ mean?

‘RT’ stands for ‘retweet’, an action where you repost somebody else’s tweet.  You can automatically do this without editing it or you can add value first before ‘RT’ing, which is often now referred to as an ‘MT’ (modified tweet)

What is a hashtag?

A hashtag (‘#’) enables your tweet to be seen by anybody else that follows or searches for that hashtag. It is usually included in a tweet or put at the end as a relevant industry term so that your tweet can be reached by a larger audience than just your following, e.g. #socialmedia

How many times should I tweet a day?

How long is a piece of string?! There are no set rules, tweet as much as you deem necessary without spamming your followers or losing their interest.

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