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As has been mentioned in the previous blog, a website is a living thing that needs to receive fresh and nutritious content. This keeps your visitor numbers healthy. You might be asking, why is new content an essential diet plan for your website? Because of Google and its search algorithms.

Google has a very clever system that identifies how fresh your website is. In turn, that affects where your site will be placed in the page ranking of a google search. You want yours as high up that list as is possible and you want to stay there!

How to Keep the Algorithms Happy

For each page of your website the google algorithms work out how your website has changed since it was first published. How extensive that change is what matters. The sharp eagle eyes of the google algorithms measure the extent of the changes. Google then ranks the value of each change. For instance, a new header or footer on your website will be noticed by Google as well as any new written content.

It is obvious that new content is a must, but to get good rates you need to know how to make that happen. A website developer can help your website to grow by knowing what changes to make. Original blogs on a regular basis can really help keep things fresh and give google the new content it is looking for.

Every designer knows that a website with backlinks has a positive impact on your website ratings. Yet, quality rather than quantity is the key so these should be done with care. Ask your website designer about how backlinks can help your search ranking.

Website developers and designers can review your website. They can track how it’s been used by the potential customers. This is a great way to identify the best area in your website for fresh changes and new content.

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