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Sceptics say you shouldn’t be on it at all and promotors say you do not need to be on anything else. But exactly how much importance should you place on Social Media?

Sceptics say it’s a waste of time and you shouldn’t be on it at all. Promoters say it’s the most effective form of marketing and will soon make all traditional forms redundant. But exactly how much should Social Media feature in your business plan?

Social Media is a great way to meet your client where they are and to engage with them in a fast and interactive platform. It’s also a great way to discover new potential clients and build up close relationships with them. But it is only ONE way! Times are changing and those that do not embrace Social Media will eventually find themselves left behind. But equally those that abandon the traditional forms of marketing (leaflets, email campaigns, telemarketing, PPC, SEO, Word-Of-Mouth etc) will discover they are selling themselves short through their naivety.

Social Media needs to be integrated into your current marketing plan – not replace it. It needs to be aligned with your current business goals and your marketing strategy that is already in place so that it fully supports all the techniques that you are currently employing. Your marketing/customer service/sales should all be pushing towards the same end result and Social Media can help you get there…but it will struggle to do it by itself.

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