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That may sound like the type of heading you would read in a medical journal. So what has it got to do with website design? First, let us define what we mean by hyperactivity. When you think of the word hyperactive perhaps the first thing that comes to mind is a child that cannot sit still but is always frantically occupied with games and having fun or getting up to mischief. This in some respects describes the ‘online behaviour’ of many consumers. They are frantically moving from one social media site to another and hopping through multiple websites looking for something that will engage them. That means if your website is just the same as everyone else, then they will click away from your site just as quickly as they arrived!

Websites that Interact

It seems that content that requires engagement of some kind that actively requires input from the consumer is just the tool you need to slow the consumer down and put their hyperactivity into state of temporary rest. So what sort of engaging content is this? There are many options. It could be an intriguing survey of some kind. Possibly a quiz or some way of testing knowledge.

A word of caution is needed here. The interactive content needs to add value in some way. One of the best examples of this are fitness and health websites that survey health related information that then serves to narrow down a number of sales offerings. Body type surveys follow a similar line of reasoning. Once your body type is established more appropriate training programs etc can be offered. So the basic principle is to offer some form of interactivity that actually has meaning for the consumer and can be channelled back into further interactions with your site. So who is going to come up with the ideas? Ideally you! You have industry specific insights that can help, although an alternative is to ask your website designer as they will use a researcher and copywriter in their team to help. If you are interested get in touch.

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