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Interacting with your followers

It’s all well and good having a pretty Twitter profile and a to-die-for profile bio, but if that’s it, you may as well be dead in the eyes of your followers. This is a human contact platform. Interact! Respond to people who are talking about your niche industry; ask them questions, comment on their updates.
Sounds easy, doesn’t it, but HOW to find those people? At the top of your Twitter page, you’ll see a ‘search’ area. If your business is flower arranging, you might type ‘flower arranging’ into that bar and you’ll see all the people that have mentioned flower arranging in their posts. Just under the search bar, to the right, there is a button asking you to ‘save this search’. Save it.
So, you have ‘flower arranging’ as one search, but now’s the time to get canny. What else will people in your flower arranging industry be talking about? Weddings? Tulips? Oases? Think of as many search words as you can and save them, so that next time you’ll have a list of posts that you can respond to easily.
To see your searches, go to ‘home’ and on the tab bar across the top of the wall, you’ll see ‘saved searches.
What to do with all this saved search stuff? Comment. Respond. Interact. Read through the updates and reply to them or comment on them. If someone asks a question of the Twitter world, offer a link to help answer his or her problem. Share things in your industry’s news. Encourage if someone is having trouble getting a gladioli to face the right way. To respond to a person directly, type @ first and then the username (the blue text at the beginning of a post). But most effective is to Follow anyone talking about your industry. Twitter etiquette (which we’ll get into another time!) is to return a ‘follow’ with a ‘follow’ and thus you build your followers.
More followers = more people with whom to interact. Now get out there and start tweeting!

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