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So goes the adage, or at least it does with cash. So what is a cache and why should I care? Most people relate to the expression that time is money but in terms of your website time is your cache. The cache is the information equivalent of a capacitor. It is a software component that stores information in such a way that when that information is needed again, it can be quickly retrieved. Perhaps you can already see how useful this development is in computing technology.

Data – easy come easy go

The internet is built upon the ability to download information from the internet and upload information back to the internet. In a way this is happening all the time you are surfing the web. Data is coming and going. Some data is easier to retrieve than others especially if there is a way of storing it locally on your computer until it is needed again rather than having to request it again from a remote server. Simply put this is how a cache can operate. This matters because it can help to speed up the internet experience. That is good news for anyone who is using your website. If your website is slow loading or seems to take forever, you can be sure you are losing potential customers. Speak to your web designer about these issues and they may suggest making changes to your cache settings amongst other parameters to speed up your site.

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