I Don’t Know What To Do With SEO…Help!

It is all very well saying that it’s important to be seen on search engines and to make sure that your site is search engine optimised, but exactly how do you do that if you are entering digital marketing from a beginners skill set? Here are 8 top tips to get your website visible on Google:

1.       Meta Tag and H1 Tags

Make sure each and every page has a Meta tag and H1 (and H2 where possible) included. There’s debate to whether Google ranks a site because of this, but it is clear it deems it more optimised if it has a full set of Meta tags.

2.       Meta Descriptions

Write Meta descriptions for each page. Ensure that these are no longer than 160 characters in length and focus on your keywords.

3.       Optimise Copy

Google scans your page for relevancy from top to bottom, so include your ‘best content’ at the top of your page, incorporating keywords as long as they fit the flow of the text.

4.       Back Link

Try to get links back to your site from as many relevant and influential sites as possible.

5.       Deep Link

Ensure that you have links within your own site that send users through to sub pages on your own site

6.       Social SEO

An effective and engaging way to create links back to your site is by placing them on social sites and having an integrated social SEO strategy.

7.       Online Directories

Get your site listed on as many relevant directories and social bookmarking sites as possible. It shows Google you have valuable content.

8.       Update Regularly

A ‘Latest News’ or ‘Blog’ section of your sites informs search engines that you have an updated site.

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