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Collaboration is more than one person working together towards the same goal. Collaboration is essential for a business team to work successfully together. Online collaboration tools enable a group of people to work together through media.

In the past collaboration was done around the office table with a flip chart or whiteboard. Communication between colleagues may simply have been by email and handwritten notes. Now we have the internet we can collaborate from, anywhere at any time, quickly and efficiently.

Businesses are turning to collaboration tools such as video call and instant message forums. Interactive calendars, workflow trackers and spreadsheets are valuable collaboration tools to help teams clearly see their progress. You don’t have to worry that ink will run out on your white board when you have interactive whiteboards online.

How to Choose a Cool Collaboration Tool

ClearCut Web Solutions recommend online collaboration tools. These tools help your business communicate efficiently. So what are some of the online collaboration tools that are available in 2019?

Firstly, you will need to consider what type of online collaboration tool is the priority for your team. How long will your team need to become familiar and comfortable with using the new tool and how it works? What are you willing to spend on such tools? Is there any ongoing support offered with the tool?

Mura is a fantastic collaboration tool if your business relies on ideas and originality. It’s a fun, easy to use tool that allows multiple users to brainstorm, whiteboard, and design together.

Asana is a beautifully designed collaboration tool for projects. Your team will be able to task manage, check work flow, share files. This is often used alongside Dropbox and other well-known tools.

Flock is a tool used for those businesses that need to communicate and share information quickly and efficiently.

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